Breaking: Cuomo Issues Statement on Fracking !

This post was originally published by Chip Northrup at No Fracking Way.

Reuters April 1st,  Albany

Governor Cuomo today released a statement that many suspect is tied to the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run, which indicates he is setting his sights on a second term as governor. Recent polls suggest that, despite a steep drop among Latino voters, the governor would beat his Republican rival 68% to 25%. Many believe the governor will make a bid for the 2020 presidential race, assuming that Hilary does not run for a second term.

Given that, Cuomo today stated,* “Hydraulic fracturing will not go forward in New York State as long as I am chief executive, which I intend to be, through at least 2018.” Cuomo added, “The recent threat of a lawsuit from a landowner’s coalition has been effectively squashed by Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, and had no basis in law to begin with.”

The governor reiterated, “I passed gay marriage, I passed a gun law, and I intend to do the right thing for New York and ban fracking. Seriously, I mean, I’ve got almost 70% of the vote, JLCNY thinks they can take me down? What a bunch of putzes. The truth is, I never intended to frack New York, there’s no good shale here anyway, we’ve known that since before we wrote the SGEIS. The pipelines, though, the pipelines and the compressor stations? Of course I’m going to let those go through––they’re federal, and nobody pays any attention to them anyway.

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