The Halliburton Loophole … has a loophole.

This post was originally published by William Huston at No Fracking Way.

Many of us have believed
the EPA was stripped of their authority
to regulate fracking in 2005.

Turns out: this is not true!

I have discovered,
The Halliburton Loophole,
has a loophole!

This is Good News!

Bottom Line:

The EPA does have the authority to
prescribe requirements which
interferes with or impedes

the underground injection of fluids
pursuant to hydraulic fracturing… 
=== (now here’s the key phrase:) ===

… if such requirements are essential to assure
that underground sources of drinking water
will not be endangered by such injection.

In other words:
The EPA has the authority
to BAN FRACKING Tomorrow!

or Today.

ding! ding! ding!

Please read that again
until the enormity of that sinks in.
Now I do agree —
If you read Section 322 “Hydraulic Fracturing”
of the 2005 Energy Policy Act
in isolation,
you will believe as I did–
that the Halliburton Loophole
is a license to pollute by fracking:
However if you read it
within the full context of the law,
i.e., 42 USC § 300h – Regulations for State programs
You will see clearly,
The exemption has an exemption!
Stop here and go read those two items.
Come back when you grok it.
It really could take days to understand.
(took me weeks, but I’m slow)It is really complex language.
Give yourself time.
But the simple takeaway is this:
Demand that the EPA Ban Fracking!
or at least begin with a demand for
an immediate national moratorium,
a national fracking pause
due to enormous evidence that fracking
poses a grave threat to the environment and public health
on a massive scale.
BH commentary:
Empowerment is largely a matter of belief.
Yes I’m a CELDF Democracy School Grad
and I know that Permitting and Regulatory Schemes
are all Rigged Games stealing our energies.
✔ OK, Got it.

I know our chance of remedy from the Courts
is infinitesimally low.

✔ Check. Been there.
I understand my power as a citizen has been stolen.
My ability to fully participate in self-government is removed
by ✔ Citizen’s United and ✔ Corporate Personhood
and the ✔ Enclosed Media… etc.

I know the EPA and Obama are all rabidly pro-fracking.

✔ Check. ✔ OK ✔ Got it.

… But what is the conclusion to that?

Therefore we are all screwed? The End?
Nope. Sorry.
I can’t live like that!
One thing I have learned by the study of Yoga
and other metaphysical systems
is that there are vast amounts of “dark energy” in the universe.
Hidden energy, untapped energy.

Even hard-core materialists like Neil deGrasse Tyson
will admit this.

So while the facts might suggest:
“there is no hope and we are all screwed”,
there may be also a hidden (esoteric) source of energy
beyond the physical world,
and more in the realm of belief.

I am suggesting,
that how we look at a situation,
how we frame it and name it
can help decide the outcome.

Our vision can either be

  • a story of being screwed,
  • a story of personal empowerment.
And that there is choice involved
which can be modulated with skillful practice.

So please think of it this way:

This information I am conveying to you today
could have a very big impact — empowering!!
With this in mind I suggest the following plan:A: Focus on both the List of the Harmed, the actual proof of
widespread water contamination which is everywhere fracking has gone.
The hundreds of PA DEP determination letters, the Cabot Consent Agreement.B: At the same time focus on the ABSURD INDUSTRY FAIRY TALE
that there is “Not one case of water contamination from fracking”.

C. Suggest these Two Demands of EPA:

1: Resume the 3x Cases of groundwater  contamination by fracking.
(I know many people are working on this:   Thank you!)

2: Immediate National Moratorium on Fracking 
due to it being a massive threat to public health
  and the environment.


More to say on this.
But that’s the basic gist.